Scope related to harbour affairs powers

  • The organisation and management, functional and economically integrated, of the group of harbours and facilities owned by the Andalusian Regional Government, including the public domain and harbour services.
  • The detailed development and execution of the Andalusian Regional Government´s policy and general harbour planning, in everything related to the project, construction, preservation and operation of works and services of the harbours of the Autonomous Community.
  • The development in the best conditions of efficiency and safetyof the harbour operations and services, without detriment to the powers of other authorities.
  • The physical organisation of the harbour area and assignment of uses of the same, according to the Authorities in charge regarding Town Planning and territorial zoning.
  • The optimisation of economic and financial management of the overall Autonomous harbour system, improvement in the conditions of harbour efficiency and productivity, as well as the global profitability of the assets assigned to the system.
  • The promotion of activities related to harbour traffic, within its powers.
  • The study, training and promotion of research in matters related to harbour finance, management, activity and works.
  • The coordination and linking of marine and land transportation within the same harbours.
  • Cooperation with the Administrations, Corporations, entities and individuals whose authority or activity concerns the harbours, or is of interest for the better management of the harbour system.