Other functions

  1. In like manner, the Andalusian Public Ports Authority shall cooperate with the appropriate Regional Ministry Board it is attached to, providing the technical assistance required in each case, with regard to the formulation and monitoring of harbour planning and the goods transportation areas of the Autonomous Community, as well as those related to any other activity concerning its scope.
  2. Apart from those functions previously mentioned, circumstances permitting and the greatest efficiency, speed and simplifying of procedures and resolution of the administrative channels are to be obtained, the Regional Ministry of Public Works and Housing shall be able to delegate to the Andalusian Public Ports Authority the exercising of other functions concerning or connected to its scope, specifying the kind of control to be maintained.
  3. As regards the policing system, the Entity shall exercise, in relation to both directly and indirectly managed harbours, the functions that correspond to the harbour authorities according to the specific legislation, including the levying of penalties when they do not exceed the quantity of 600 Euros (99,832 pesetas).