Regarding powers within the area of goods transportation

  • Carry out assigned technical, economic and administrative tasks regarding planning, promotion, training, development and control of the regional network Goods Transportation Areas and, in particular, management of Goods Transportation Centres with an Autonomous interest.
  • Provide and promote the system´s intermodality by adapting it to needs resulting from the demand for goods transportation.
  • Develop cooperation and coordination with the Administrations, Corporations and entities whose authority or activity affects the environment of the Goods Transportation Areas, as well as promoting private initiative in its establishment and management.
  • Develop the organisation of economic and financial management of the overall Autonomous system of the Goods Transportation Areas with an Autonomous Community participation, improve the efficiency and productivity conditions of the activity, as well as the global profitability of the asets allotted to the system.
  • Develop the study, training and promotion of research in matters connected to economy, management and the activity of the Goods Transportation Areas.
  • Promote within the framework of territorial planning the integration of the Goods Transportation Areas within a Community network and joining it up with the national, European and international network.