Functions related to indirectly managed harbour

With regard to the harbours under the ownership of the Autonomous Community indirectly managed by way of concession, the following functions in particular correspond to the Andalusian Public Ports Authority:

  • The processing of reports relating to the awarding, modification, redemption and termination of harbour concessions whose resolutions correspond to the Regional Government of Andalusia’s organs.
  • Process the revising of tariffs and royalties set for the respective concession and forwarding the corresponding proposal to the competent entity.
  • Inspection of the execution of installations and works in those concession-managed harbours, as well as those of maintenance and preservation of the same.
  • Be attentive to the fulfillment of the rules and regulations for each harbour’s operation; exercise the functions of monitoring, inspection, vigilance and policing that correspond to the conferring Administration according to the legal framework and concessions of ownership, as well as process claims made by users regarding the operation of harbour services.