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Functions regarding the areas of goods transportation


Regarding the areas of goods transportation, the following functions correspond to the Andalusian Public Ports Authority:

  • Planning proposal for the areas to provide services for goods transportation.
  • Obtaining, urbanising and management of land necessary for implanting Goods Transportation Areas in the terms established in Act 5/2001, of 4th June, within Goods Transportation Areas.
  • Inspection and monitoring of Goods Transportation Centres with an Autonomous interest, as well as overseeing, where appropriate, the activity of the management entities of the same.
  • Elaboration of the Rules and Regulations of the Internal System and of the Service of each Goods Transportation Centre, as well as being attentive to their being carried out, adopting measures and/or penalties that originate in the Goods Transportation Centres and Areas managed directly or indirectly by the Company.
  • Proposal to the Regional ministry of Public Works and Housing on the establishment and modification of Goods Transportation Centres and Goods Transportation Stations of an extramunicipal nature.
  • Proposal to the Regional Ministry of Public Works and Housing for approving and modifying the functional plans of the Goods Transportation Centres.
  • Control and monitoring of the establishing of the municipal type Goods Transportation Stations.
  • Within the terms established by article 14 of Act 5/2001 of 4th June, regarding Goods Transportation Areas of the Autonomous Community, the following could be agreed upon: financial contributions for constructing and developing transportation areas, and also making proposals to the Regional Ministry of Public Works and Housing in order that the Autonomous Community’s Administaration take the initiative and promote, establishe and manage the same, should there be no such initiative from the Local Entities.
  • Management and control of the Goods Transportation Centres directly managed by the Public Company without detriment to their effective development being entrusted to other public or private bodies according to the legislation in force.
  • The awarding, modification, resdemption, reversion and termination of concessions in goods transportation areas managed by the Entity.
  • Proposal to the Regional Ministry of Public Works and Housing for approving, updating, revision and modification of tariffs and royalties due for payment by cocessionnaires and users of the equipped areas.
  • Exercise policing and guidance authority over goods transportation managed by the Company.
  • Establish the terms, including pricing, in the regulatory ordering of actions of any whatsoever kind: disposal, encumbrance, rent, and any other whatsoever should be the case, over land belonging to the Goods Transportation Areas managed by APPA.
  • In the Goods Transportation Areas managed by entities established to that end, APPA will give instructions to its representatives in the administrative organs of such entities relating to terms, including pricing, in the regulating actions of any whatsoever kind: disposal, encumbrance, rent and any others whatsoever if appropriate, over land assets owned.


Motorhome Network

The Autonomous Community of Andalusia, through the Public Ports Agency, has set up a network of parking areas in the ports of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia that are reserved for motorhomes.


The details, information and documents on the Department of Development and Housing’s contracts are available at the email address of the Junta de Andalusia’s Contract Platform:


The selection of service personnel for the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia is made in accordance with systems based on merit and capacity, through public selection processes.

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