Ports of andalusia for schools

Andalusia is a great region in every sense of the term. Washed by two seas, the Atlantic and Mediterranean, there are lots of ports along the 871 kilometres of coastline. Commercial ports, fishing ports and marinas, continually bustling with activity.

To teach the children of Andalusia about the ports of our Autonomous Community, we have published a book, “Cuaderno de Bitácora” [The Ship’s Log] where we offer the boys and girls fun facts about these ports and the activities that go on in them.

With this same idea in mind, the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia is offering schools that are interested the chance to make visits to the ports of our community so that the pupils can get to know more about the facilities in our ports.

Visits to the ports

Visits to the ports

The Public Ports Agency of Andalusia is offering schoo...


Motorhome Network

The Autonomous Community of Andalusia, through the Public Ports Agency, has set up a network of parking areas in the ports of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia that are reserved for motorhomes.


The details, information and documents on the Department of Development and Housing’s contracts are available at the email address of the Junta de Andalusia’s Contract Platform:


The selection of service personnel for the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia is made in accordance with systems based on merit and capacity, through public selection processes.

Welcome to the web page puertosdeandalucía.es Here you can find all useful information about the activities of the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia, which is responsible for managing the system of ports and logistics and transport areas in the autonomous community, the latter being run in direct contact with the ports of national interest and the Trans-European Transport Network.

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