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The Junta de Andalucía, in accordance with article 64 of its Statute of Autonomy, has jurisdiction over ports which are not classed
as being of national interest, along with the transport, logistics and distribution centres located in Andalusia.

The Public Ports Agency of Andalusia is a public body attached to the Department of Development and Housing, with jurisdiction
over the creation and application of policies for ports and in relation with goods transport areas of the government of the Junta de

It was originally created as the Public Ports Company of Andalusia under the tenth additional provision of Law 3/1991, of 28
December, in the Budget for 1992 of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and set up through Decree 126/1992 of 14 July by
the Governing Council, with jurisdiction over the ports system of Andalusia.

It was not until 2001, and Law 5/2001 of 4 June, that the areas for goods transport in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia
were regulated, and the responsibilities of this body extended to include the management of these areas. To this end, Decree
235/2001, of 16 October, of the Governing Council, modified the body’s statutes.

Law 21/2007, of 18 December, on the Legal and Economic Regime of the Ports of Andalusia, changed the name to the Public Ports
Agency of Andalusia in use today, and assigned it jurisdiction over ports of the Autonomous Community, shared with the
Government Council and the Department responsible for ports, currently the Department of Development and Housing, and these
organs are responsible for administering the Ports System of Andalusia.


To comply with its functions, the Agency was assigned the materials, rights and obligations of the Autonomous Community of
Andalusia over ports and associated facilities that are its property and which are managed directly by it. The Autonomous
Communities rights and obligations over ports and port facilities under concession were also transferred to the Agency.

In accordance with its Statutes, the objectives of the Agency’s activities in relation with the ports are:

  • The organization and management of the ports, installations and port services, including public ownership.
  • The preparation, application and planning of the Junta de Andalucía’s ports policy in relation with projects, building and running of
    port works and services.
  • The provision of port services, in optimal conditions of safety and efficiency.
  • The integration of port areas into urban planning and the consequent territorial organization.
  • The optimal economic and financial management of all the ports in Andalusia and the profitability of the assets assigned to them.
  • The promotion of activities in connection with port traffic.
  • Studies, training and support for research into topics related with the economy, activity and port works.
  • The coordination and articulation of maritime and terrestrial transport in the ports of Andalusia.
  • Cooperation with the administration, corporations and private bodies whose business or jurisdiction affects the ports or is relevant
    to improvements in management of the ports systems.

In ports which are managed directly, the functions cover a broad range that includes: maintenance, repairs and expansion of
existing infrastructure and the construction of new ports; full management of these port services and facilities; the drafting and
approval of the use plans for the service areas; updating and setting port revenues under private law, and proposing them in the
case of public law; in general, the exercise of those functions which are necessary to facilitate maritime traffic, cooperating with
other port authorities and making a profit from managing the ports.

In the case of ports which are managed indirectly, it is the Agency’s responsibility to process and rule on requests for granting,
modifying, revoking and the expiry of private concessions, and to process those related with contracts for public works, propose
reviews of the rent or fees established for concessions, approve maximum tariffs to be paid by users and exercise the functions of
inspection, surveillance, and policing, as well as the authority to impose fines that correspond to the regional government in the
ports that are under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.


Commercial activity in the ports of the Autonomy is a secondary function of the Agency’s responsibilities, despite its local
importance, especially in the four ports of Garrucha, Barbate, Isla Cristina and Ayamonte, where there is significant passenger and
vehicle traffic with Portugal.

The management formula for these ports tends to focus its activity on basic services and administration (entrance, departure and
mooring for boats, planning and control functions of the terrestrial service area), offering the provision of other specific port
services and nearly all supplementary services through concessions.

Fishing is the economic base for many locations, so the Agency has made a concerted effort to ensure that the port facilities are
adapted to respond to the needs of society, with the construction, renovation and expansion of facilities for fishing ports.

The management formula for these ports tends to centre their activity on basic services and administration (management of
moorings for boats, planning and control functions of the terrestrial service area), offering the provision of other specific port
services and nearly all supplementary services through concessions.

The responsibility for these activities is shared with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucia.


The Agency’s jurisdiction over sports activities includes those that correspond to the authority that grants its administrative
concessions over the ports that it runs indirectly, and those of the same administration for the concessions over nautical-sporting
facilities that are located in directly-managed ports, and the direct management of the ports and facilities which are not granted
through concession.

The Agency has direct control over a network of sports marinas provided with high-quality modern facilities and services, such as:

  • Port facilities
  • Port offices.
  • Mooring zones (waiting jetty) for individual and group use.
  • Dry docks and boat launching ramps.
  • Storage areas for equipment and car parks.
  • Toilet facilities (changing rooms and baths/showers).
  • Signals and beacons within the port.
  • Access control system.
  • Green or leisure areas.Clean points for handling hazardous waste.

Services and/or supplies

  • Water, electric power, fuel and other supplies.
  • Travel lift and cranes.
  • Waste collection, used oil and hazardous waste.
  • Communication facilities (Telephone, fax and radio).
  • General information (port information, tourism, weather, etc.).

Commercial areas and maintenance

  • Workshops.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Specialist stores.
  • Repairs.


Motorhome Network

The Autonomous Community of Andalusia, through the Public Ports Agency, has set up a network of parking areas in the ports of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia that are reserved for motorhomes.


The details, information and documents on the Department of Development and Housing’s contracts are available at the email address of the Junta de Andalusia’s Contract Platform:


The selection of service personnel for the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia is made in accordance with systems based on merit and capacity, through public selection processes.

Welcome to the web page puertosdeandalucía.es Here you can find all useful information about the activities of the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia, which is responsible for managing the system of ports and logistics and transport areas in the autonomous community, the latter being run in direct contact with the ports of national interest and the Trans-European Transport Network.

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